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September 21, 2014


As you may have noticed, I haven't been able to update my blog very often recently. The reason is that I'm getting married very soon (a few days later)! Therefore, I have been crazily busy with all the preparations, shopping, home renovation, decoration, furniture, wedding dress, and all the stuff you may even not think of. This is a very tiring process, but it's nice though :) So, I had to neglect my blog due to this. However, I hope to come back a few months later with better posts, giveaways, reviews and many more in a much stronger way. Wish me luck with my new life :) See you soon!

September 17, 2014

ROMWE Double-Layered Floral Print Dress

This beautiful dress is just $11.99! The offer starts on September 18th and expires on September 19th. Only lasts for 24 hours!


Romwe offers free shipping between September 18th - 25th!

Flash Sale from Romwe!

Cardigans + Fit & Flare are from $4.99!
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August 28, 2014 $1 Glasses Campaign

Coming August 28, 2014

$1 eyeglasses

Are you in need of new glasses but you are hesitant because of their high prices?

Desire the versatility of several pairs of eyeglasses without the usual high investment? which offers chic and superior eye-wear at affordable prices is going to
have a $1 eyeglasses campaign: !

Lasting one week only from Aug. 28 to Sep. 3.

During that period of time, you will be able to buy particular prescription eyeglasses for only $1.

The qualifying available eyeglasses will be various in type.

Due to the very low prices of the glasses, the time of the campaign is limited, so are the quantities of available frames and lenses.

Head over to and plan your future eye-wear wardrobe.

August 19, 2014

Home Sweet Home with Beddinginn :)

After purchasing all the required items and fixtures (furniture, etc.), decorating your home is a very tough but enjoyable process especially if you are getting married and if it's your new home. You think of a concept and want to apply it throughout your warm nest. You love your home and make it a lovely place to live. To give an example, you buy beautiful bedding pieces for your bedroom, bath accessories for your bathroom and even intimate clothing to make yourself look sexier for your beloved one. Don't forget that you are the master part of that nest ;)

You don't know yet, but surprise surprise! I'm getting married very soon :) You must have noticed that I haven't been able to write a lot recently as I'm in a crazily busy period with all the preparations for marriage. I purchased many things and will continue to purchase more. I bought bedding sets, blanket, quilt, bed throw, pajamas, night gowns, kitchen utensils, dining sets, cutlery, cooking pots, etc. that I cannot even remember now. Yes, you buy a lot in the pre-wedding period. We have spent approximately $15.000 so far and we have to spend more. So, you need to find the most reasonable and quality items in a trustable company if you don't want to have a huge hole in your budget.

You can also hunt down the sales and discount campaigns. Thanks to such campaigns, you can get fantastic items for very economic prices (like 50% - 80% off). Beddinginn offers such campaigns in their website. For example, you can purchase a 4-piece bedding set for an amazing price like $50.00! And I love their 3D bedding; they are amazing! Also, don't miss the flash sales; they are life savers :) Visit Beddinginn right now and find the most gorgeous items for your living space.

New Arrival Unique Design Porcelain Enamel Electric Guitar Coffee Mug
I love these as we are both musicians :)

High Quality Cute Cat Shape Vivid Bathroom AccessoriesAlluring Love Cats and Tree Pattern Non-slip Doormat
These are so cute and we love cats very much!