September 3, 2017

(09/19) NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Giveaway

2 winners will win a NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick.

END: September 19, 2017


October 7, 2015

IMPORTANT! Change of Blog Name

Hi All,

It's been a really long time... As you all notice, I cannot update my blog much often; I kinda miss the good old days when I was an active blogger. For almost 1.5 years, I have somehow neglected my blog due to my busy schedule. Lots of things happened during this period. I got married last year, I'm working more, I'm trying to establish my own translation company soon (which is one of my dreams), also we started to record our debut album with my band, etc. But I had one more dream, which was to buy my own domain. And I achieved it finally! Sweepstake Lover is "WorldWidely Things" anymore :) As the concept of my blog is international things, I think no name would be better than that :) I hope you love it and keep following me. I'm planning to be back!


September 17, 2015

*** REVIEW: Acne Mop ***

If you have an acne-prone skin, doing sports can be very problematic for you when you sweat. Thanks to Acne Mop, it's not a problem anymore. Acne Mop creates an anti-bacterial barrier between you and your sweaty helmet or sports gear by infusing essential oils (aloe-vera, tea tree oil, clove, white tea). The product is available as a headband, chin piece and shoulder piece. You can wear it on the sports field, or spa to keep your hair back, while infusing great products into your skin and to keep your pours open and clean. It is sold in a resealable 5 pack.

This is the headband.

I especially tried the headband. First of all, the product smells very nice and refreshing. After I wore it, I felt a nice cooling sensation, so it is very good for summer. It prevents your skin from being affected from sweating. However, it made my back-neck and back-ears a little itchy, but just a little. And don't expect any softening or moisturizing effect, this is just a cooling protective piece. And also one should be careful when removing the headband, because the liquid on it splashed into my eye while removing it :) I don't know if it is harmful, but I washed my eye with plenty of water just in case.

Unfortunately, the package was wet due to the nature of the product. Packaging must be done more carefully. Apart from the negative sides, the product does its job under hot and sweaty conditions. If you would like to get more details, please check their website Acne Mop.

About the Product:
For high-quality ways to protect your skin under the helmet, shoulder pads and open air! Athletes’ and military personnel's natural body oils collect and become trapped under their helmet, shoulder pads, chin cup, uniform, chest and back. The trapped oil is then pushed into their pores, causing acne to develop. Some people may use creams or sprays to prevent acne, but these topical treatments may not have time to set into the skin. Acne Mop is a disposable product meant to be worn for the day, or workout then discarded. Acne Mop is kept moist in a re-sealable container easy to grab and go. Acne Mop uses all natural ingredients like tea tree oil, white tea and cloves. So while you’re hard at work, Acne Mop is also hard at work, keeping your pores clean and unplugged, which means less acne on you.
• Increase confidence and self-assurance
• Apply a natural antibacterial solution directly onto the skin
• Get a comfortable fit under a helmet, hat, shoulder pads, or shirt
• Protect your skin underneath uniforms of athletes and military personnel

May 23, 2015

New Subscription Box for Women!

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May 15, 2015

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